D is for Dinner recipes
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Serving Suggestions

What do you like salt on?

The Smoked Sea Salt recipe adds new dimensions to my favourites: french fries, tomatoes, pickled eggs, cucumber.

Do you like fish?

Try poaching a 1”thick salmon fillet for about 1 minute in your favourite poaching liquid. The result will be rare in the middle. Slice thinly on an angle and serve with Smoked Provence.

Lightly seared Ahi Tuna with Smoked Provence will impress even your Japanese friends.

A Balanced Meal

Smoke and Fire on green beans makes the taste buds dance, while Smoked Provence adds a certain elegance.

Try melting a little butter on a baked potato and sprinkle with Garlic Smoked. How the gods of BBQ intended!

Hollow the top of a fresh tomato. Sprinkle a little Smoke and Fire and bake for 20 minutes at 375.

Other ideas

Original Recipe on the rim of your Bloody Mary or Caesar glass.

Garlic Smoked on your steak.