The Salty Don

The GodFather of Good Taste

You don’t know me, but I live in Kanata and I have been buying your bison seasoning for a year now. It hasn’t been for me, it’s been for a California client of mine. Before I went to visit her in 2013, I asked what I could bring as a gift. She said ‘Bring some Canadian cuisine,’ so off I went to Grace in the Kitchen seeking unique foodie fare, and off I went to the U.S.

The trip & the gifts went over well. Of all the things I brought her, from Quebec cheese to BC salmon, she loved the Bison Seasoning the best and requested a repeat order of it. I couldn’t quite remember the brand, but after searching the web, and some help from Jodi from Cardamom & Cloves, I located your magic spice. I didn’t have the slightest clue where in Canada such a specialty product could come from. To my utter amazement, turning over the package, I learned that you’re right in my own backyard!!

Wanted to share this with you, to let you know that your products are cool and that the care you put into them indeed matters. It’s been helpful in my relationship with my client – and doubtless to other people who enjoy what you make.

All the best,


Glenn S.


We use Don’s wonderful salts in almost all of our recipes now – One fateful Saturday, many years ago at the Carp Market, we met The Salty Don!  That was just the beginning – Don continues to tempt and dare us to try different salts, peppers and rubs in all sorts of creative ways.  We have given them as Christmas presents almost every year – and as gifts when we go abroad (our friends in Provence have said that Don’s salt is better than anything they can get there and now we have to send it on demand (!).  Thank you Don – you’ve got a great thing going.  Know you are awakening something special in others – one taste at a time.  Perennial favourites basic to life: Tuscan Smoke, Smoked Provence. Norah and Jean